We can accommodate groups of any size, including single individuals, up to 20 people. Your tour can also last as many days as you wish, including a single day, up to 30 days. Your tour can begin and end at any city listed on our booking form. What you do along the way is up to you; see Planning Your Trip for more information.

All our tour guides are native Vietnamese who speak English well.

Booking & Payment

Booking a tour with us is easy. Simply use the booking form on the front page to make a reservation. Your tour can start and end anywhere in Vietnam, and can last up to 30 days. What you do along the way is up to you. See Planning Your Trip for more information.

Our tours cost $80 per person, per day. The fee includes all costs except for food. We ask for a 12.5% deposit to make a reservation online. The remaining fee can be paid in person, in Vietnam, in either USD ($) or VND (₫). For example, if you book a 3 day tour for 2 people, the total cost of the tour would $480. The deposit due online would be $60, and the remaining $420 would be paid in person when you get to Vietnam.


We know that travelers carry a lot of bags with them. Your luggage will be securely strapped to the motorbike while you are in transit, as shown in the picture below. When you arrive at your accomodation, you will be able to take the luggage with you to your room.

This is how the luggage is secured to your motorbike when you do an Easy Rider tour with us!


All guests on our tour are provided with a high quality motorcycle helmet. Our tour guides are all experienced motorcycle riders and will ride cautiously, at a safe speed, and with your comfort in mind. You will be seated behind the tour guide. If you have luggage with you, it will be securely strapped behind you, acting as a comfortable backrest.

We understand that not everyone is comfortable on a motorcycle. If at any point during your trip you don't feel good, our guides will do everything they can to make you feel safe and comfortable.


Your fee includes accomodation at a hotel along the way. The accomodation will be booked in advance by our tour guides. We gaurantee the accomodation will be comfortable and secure.

Planning Your Trip

Our motorbike tours are private. That means we can customize them however youd like. Our tour guides know Vietnam better than anybody, and can tailor the trip to suit your preferences.

After you book your tour online, our head tour guide will be in contact with you via email. You can discuss the specifics of the trip with them. Love nature? We'll focus on visiting the many wonderful mountains, fields, and waterfalls that Vietnam has to offer. Or are you partial to history? We'll make sure to take you to all the museums, historic sites, and temples along the way. Whatever it is, our tour guides will make sure you have a great experience.

Don't know where you want to go? That's okay too. Our tour guides will plan an exciting trip for you, no matter what.